Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

About Faith Chapel

 Who we are

Faith Chapel is a mission church, a church plant, of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP for short). We are a “faith mission.” We began (and continue) without financial support from our denomination or other churches. We started with eight people meeting in a living room and no funding. But our Lord provided a meeting place. That place, where we still meet, was later donated to us! And the Lord brought more people. Our folks are from southern Guilford, northern Randolph, and from Alamance Counties. Wherever you may be from you will be welcome!

Our pastor, Terry Crahen is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary, lives in Pleasant Garden with his wife Mary, and is bi-vocational (please see our Leadership page.)

Why a new church?

When we started we knew there were other churches in our area. But we were and are convinced there was room and need for one that was historically Presbyterian and evangelical in doctrine and government (please see FAQs page for more on that).

Our Affiliation

Our denomination, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP for short) is different from and not to be confused with the larger, mainline body that shares the word “Presbyterian.” The ARP was founded by mostly Scottish settlers in the colonial era, but has grown a lot in diversity since those days. We began and we continue with a conviction that the Bible is the Word of God, and that the evangelical beliefs of the Reformation era are in accordance with the Bible.


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