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First Time Here?

Welcome to Faith Chapel!

We’re glad you’ve stopped by our website. We encourage you to take a few moments and check out the rest of our site. We’ve tried to select useful information for people who may visit to let you know what we’re about and how you can get involved. This website is still under construction, so there will be a few links that don’t work. Please bear with us.

Faith Chapel is a mission church, a church plant, of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. We are still in the early stages of church plant growth, as some people call, “core group stage.”

We are here because we have felt led and called to start a new work in the southeast Guilford County and northern Randolph County area. We realize there are other established and thriving churches already in the area, but believe that God is calling us to establish a new work with somewhat different emphases than those existing churches.

What are we about? To put it plainly, we are about knowing God through Jesus of Nazareth, and making Him known to those who don’t yet know Him. Who He is and what He did are the center of our Church life and worship.

We aren’t here just to provide a place of worship for the people who began Faith Chapel (that wouldn’t be a very good reason for starting a new church). We are here for people who, for whatever reason, stopped going to church a while ago. If you fall into that category, whatever it was that may have led you to drop out, we hope you will consider that not every church is like the one that made you want to quit. We are here to provide a safe place for people who haven’t thrown out Christianity but are gun-shy in relation to the Church.

We are also here for people who have never been in church, people who wouldn’t be embarrassed to say they are not “religious,” or not Christian. We would like to be a group of people, or a place, if you prefer, where you could come and not feel pressured to conform if you are curious but hesitant. We would consider it a privilege to sit down and talk with you, answer questions, or whatever, and hope you will give us that opportunity.

We meet on Sundays for worship at 10:45 AM at our place at 6400 Walter Wright Road. We do have a nursery where we can accommodate infants and younger toddlers. If you’re not ready for worship but curious and wanting just to talk with someone about God, please, please feel free to call us at 336-676-9767. Thanks, and God bless you!


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