Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gospel?

The Gospel is the good news of what God has done for us in and through His Son Jesus Christ. Here it is in bulleted form:

  • All human beings born on earth, excepting Jesus, are born into a state of sin and misery, and consequently are born sinful. Their thoughts, actions and feelings flow out of that fallen human nature.
  • God is holy and just, and cannot have fellowship with us in this fallen condition. But His love for fallen humanity was and is so great that He sent His Son Jesus into the world to redeem.
  • Jesus, being and remaining fully God, assumed our humanity and became a fully human being at his conception in the womb of the virgin Mary.
  • He lived a life of perfect holiness and obedience toward God so that He alone, of all human beings, lived a perfect life.
  • Having lived without sin He offered Himself to die, and did actually die as a substitute for fallen and sinful human beings, and rose from the dead, bodily, on the third day.
  • God offers acceptance, forgiveness (justification) and new life to all who truly receive Jesus as Lord, believing in His life, death and resurrection in their behalf.
  • This new life includes restored communion with God as its premier object, a new heart that is tender toward God, and adoption into the family of God.
  • All who truly believe and receive Christ will be welcomed into His presence at their deaths, given a resurrection body like Christ’s at the time of His return, and will enjoy life in His presence forever.
  • Christ will return to earth and judge the entire human race.


This is the Gospel in brief—it is actually much bigger than this, both in regard to the individual and the bigger picture of a new, restored humanity and God’s grander, bigger purposes.

If you would like to ask us a question or questions, please feel free to send an e-mail at or call at 336-976-9767. We promise you not to show up on your doorstep if you do this, unless you ask us to come!

If you’d like to know more & to read in greater detail about how these things concern you as an individual, you may want to read John Blanchard’s Ultimate Questions.  We also recommend Archie Parrish’s booklet, Best News.

What is a church plant or mission church?

A church plant or mission church is a new church, one that is not fully grown. In our connection we call them “mission churches.” The words mean we are new and still in the early stages.

What does “presbyterian” mean?

The word comes from the Greek presbuteros, which means “elder.” The word used to be taken to mean both our form of chuch government by elders and the historic understanding of the Bible that comes from the Reformation. But in the last century or so many churches that are called “presbyterian” have abandoned the historic Reformation doctrines, to which we at Faith Chapel still hold.

Are you affiliated with a denomination?

Faith Chapel is connected with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP). The ARP is unique in that it is has, since its formal organization in 1803 held on to its commitment to the Bible as God’s holy and infallible word, to historic Christian doctrine, and evangelical principles.

How can I become a member?

Those interested in membership are received on the basis of a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, after having gone through an Inquirer’s Class. Prospective members are received into membership after having met with our elders and having satisfied them as to the credibility of their profession.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. We do have official 501c3 status with the government, and at year’s end we furnish every donating household or individual with a statement of their giving for tax purposes.

What missions or ministries do you support?

The ARP has its own missions organization, World Witness, and our annual contributions to the ARP General Fund go in part to the support of WW.   Beyond that, for the last several years we have supported Trinity Missionary Training Center (TMTC), a missionary training center in India that trains nationals from India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal to evangelize in their own regions and countries. Our support for TMTC is sent through Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. We have also supported Voice of the Martyrs and Make Way Partners.

What are you involved with in the way of local outreach?

We have supported the Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, and are interested in enlarging our involvement with other local ministries.

What do you believe?

We have a separate page on What We Believe and another on our most Basic Commitments.


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