Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Our Vision

This is a brief picture of the kind of congregation we desire and are praying we will become. We want to be:

People who know the saving grace of God and are serious about seeking, understanding, and walking with God, growing in His grace, and living to glorify and enjoy Him.

A worshipping church, worshiping from the heart, and not just going through the motions, with worship that is informed by and filled with God’s Word, which we will read, pray, preach and sing, so to speak. We want our worship to be honoring to God and delightful to ourselves as we meet with Him, and want it to be the high point of our week.

An extended, loving family, relatives in Christ, in which we cultivate true, deep, caring friendships.

A family of families, with strong, godly families in which children will see Christian devotion to our great God, love, and godliness, both modeled and taught by their parents.

A welcoming, caring, hospitable people, and not just welcoming whole, intact families, but any and all whom the Lord brings our way, including single parent families and single individuals.

A church with a mission, actively and passionately working to make known to others what God has done in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we want to be involved both here in our neck of the woods, and in other places, even to the ends of the earth.

A praying church because God answers prayers and, truly, only He can build His church.

A church with a heart, involved in caring for the needy, the lonely, the widow, the orphan, the downcast.

A church involved in the community and communities of southeast Guilford and northern Randolph Counties, so that others will be glad we are here.


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