Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

What we Believe

Here is a summary of what we believe and teach:
  • that the Bible is God’s word written, without error, and inspired by God in every word in the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic in which it was written.
  • that God is infinite, eternal and unchanging in His being, wisdom power, holiness, justice, goodness and Truth, and being One in substance, exists eternally in 3 Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • That God is the Amighty Creator of all that exists outside Himself, and that all that is continues in existence by His sustaining and at His pleasure, moment by moment.
  • that Jesus, the Son, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, took upon His divine Person a complete human nature in order to redeem us, becoming a human being at the moment of His conception by the power of the Holy Spirit, all the while continuing to be wholly God.
  • that Christ, the infinite God-man lived a life of moral perfection, without sin, and then offered Himself on the Cross to die as a substitute for human sins, bearing the penalty due all other humans for their sins, which sacrifice was accepted by God the Father.
  • that He rose bodily from the dead, was seen by many witnesses alive from the dead, and ascended to heaven where He sits enthroned beside the Father in glory.
  • that Christ died not just for individuals but for a Church, a people, to each of whom the Holy Spirit applies the benefits of Christ’s Person and saving work.
  • that He is coming again to judge the entire human race at a time and on a day known to God alone.
  • that one day all those who truly believe in Jesus will enjoy being together with Him—forever, and upon His return will share in His resurrected bodily state.

This is the “short form.” We have a more substantial statement, a confession of faith, the Westminster Confession of Faith, written in London between 1643 and 1648 by some of the most godly and learned ministers and scholars in the world at that time. It is supplemented by two other documents that were written for teaching purposes, the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms, which are available on the Resources page at the ARP website. Every minister, elder and deacon in our connection must be in agreement with the truths contained in these documents.

For those who may be puzzled at the idea of creeds and confessions, or for those who think we can get by with “just the Bible,” we invite you to read a little more on the subject at our Why We are Confessional page.


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