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Faith Chapel’s Worship Service

Faith Chapel’s Worship Service

The Bible says that the glory of God is the purpose of both our creation and our redemption in Christ. When there is no more need of either prayer or evangelism there still will be worship—for eternity. It is the heartbeat of our life as the people of God (in general), and of our congregation in particular. In view of how important worship is, we’d like not only to give you a glimpse of our service, but tell you why we do it this way. So we invite you not only to look over the order of service, but to look at the explanation of the order. That page is still under construction, and when finished there will be a link below the order of service.


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The Worship Service

  • Invocation and Silent Prayer
  • Call to Worship (some suitable text of Scripture)
  • Opening Hymn, Psalm or Spiritual Song (usually focused on praise)
  • Prayer of Adoration and Confession (on occasion these will be 2 separate prayers)
  • Assurance of God’s Mercies (a verse or two announcing the forgiveness of sins to all who truly repent and believe the Gospel)
  • Hymn, Psalm or Spiritual Song
  • Prayer for Illumination (Spiritual blessing on the reading and hearing of God’s Word)
  • Old Testament Reading
  • Sung response or a responsive reading from the Psalms
  • New Testament Reading
  • Sermon
  • Prayer of Application of the Message and Intercession for Church and World
  • Confession of Faith
  • Invitation to the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
  • Hymn
  • Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, ending with prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Offering
  • Prayer of Dedication
  • Hymn, Psalm or Spiritual Song
  • Benediction

For those who would like to know more, please go to The Whys of Our Worship [under construction].


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